The Blogger, et al

My official title is Stay-at-Home-Mom, but that is a pretty pathetic attempt to describe what I do on a daily basis.

I'm really a homeschooling, chauffeuring, cleaning, sous-cheffing, vacation-rental-managing mom, with a side of Frontier Girls leading and hanging out with the most amazing teens in our church youth group!

So much to do, but I still carve out some "me time," which almost always involves my closest girlfriends and coffee!

And here's a bit about the rest of us:

Scott: Husband, research chemist, family chef.  Counting down the years until he can complete a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Viktorya: 11 years old.  The one who made Scott say "YES!" to special-needs adoption, a sassy girl with an extra chromosome and Type 1 diabetes.  Loves everything that sparkles, is our biggest dinner cheerleader, and is always up for a Barbie movie!

Ayden: The girl who made me a mommy. 10 years old, she knows how to run the house when I'm not around.  Loves the piano, is now hooked on performing arts, and spends her spare time in the creek at our house.

Elijah: 8 years old, my hyper, loud, tender, detail-noticing boy.  If it involves trains or figuring out how things work, he's on it.  Total dry sense of humor, like his dad, and the head of the pack on hikes.

Denny: 7 years old, our sweet boy who also came to our family through adoption.  Taking off faster than we ever imagined possible, and getting all his therapists wrapped around his little finger!

Sadie: The "baby" of the bunch, age 3.  Our sweet and spicy, exploring, sneaking, forever-eating (but somehow still teeny), snuggle-bug.