Friday, March 22, 2013

Ready... Set...

I've had a running to-do list this week, with things ranging from "pay utilities" to "measure bed for mdf/boards", trying to get everything ready before I leave.

My time is winding down, and nearly everything I can do before leaving tomorrow is done, with only a few things still straggling.  The caretaker gifts are purchased and waiting to go into my mom's luggage Saturday morning, along with sippy cups, toys, my Ergo carrier, and a few other things that just. won't. fit. in my bag.  (Hey, you try fitting anything else in the bag full of clothes and shoes for three people for a week!)

I'm off to the store now, to get groceries for Scott and the kids for next week, and pick up the last couple of things for the trip, like Carnation Instant Breakfast for Denny, since he still takes pureed food from a bottle, and go and buy that sheet of mdf for Sadie's bed.  And then it'll just be down time here, until tomorrow!  TOMORROW!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Keeping Busy

The past fourteen months, Scott and I have gotten so used to waiting.  Don't get me wrong, waiting has never been easy, but it's where we've been, how we associated with the adoption.  One big wait, with a few fast-paced moments thrown in to keep things interesting.

And now, we're no longer waiting.  Yes, there are still five and a half days (Ohmigoodness, LESS THAN A WEEK!) until I travel, but the wait is over.  It's done.  We've passed court, I know when I'm leaving, the tickets are booked.

Which has reduced me to an emotionally overloaded puddle.  I'm coming to the time I've dreamed about for the past year, getting to leave the orphanages with my kids... MY kids!  And now, it's not a dream, it's real.  And my mind is having a hard time wrapping around all this.

Last Sunday, at our lunch and dessert auction, my dear, dear friend, Tonya, put together a slideshow of pictures from our first trip.  I have looked at these pictures again and again, but seeing them on Sunday, scrolling through, surrounded by our friends, surrounded by people who have prayed for us, prayed for our kids, and are living out 2 Corinthians 8, giving out of their abundance to supply our need, caused an overflow of emotion.

Now, with everything, I'm just a weepy mess.  Unless I'm busy.  When I'm busy, I don't have time to watch the clock, and I soon realize another day has passed, and I am one day closer to having the kids with me.  When I'm not busy, well... the puddle in me comes out.

So, whether it's been taking Elijah to three different appointments for a swallowed marble (and almost endoscopy/removal), or taking my Girl Scout Daisies to the Children's Museum, or painting two beds, I've been busy.  And busy is good.  Almost there!

Friday, March 15, 2013

A BIG Update!!!

I meant to come back sooner and share about our court date, but things have been busy!

Our attorney went to court for us on Friday, March 1, and on Monday, March 4, we heard that all went well, and we were now parents of FIVE!

We were told that, as long as the court decree was signed on time (there is a 7-day appeal period), we'd travel on March 23 and pick up the kids!  And finally, on Tuesday, March 12, I was able to share the good news... and PICTURES!  We've waited 14 months to share pictures, to respect our agencies' wishes, and now, the kids are ours and we're free to share them!

Also, in huge news, we hosted a "thank you" lunch at church, in appreciation for everyone who prayed for us and gave to us, either monetarily or with items to sell/auction to raise money.  After the lunch, we had a dessert auction, and raised the rest of the money we needed to travel!  We raised $1,081 after all was said and done!

So now, I'm leaving in EIGHT DAYS, and I'll have both kids back in my arms in just TEN DAYS!!!  I miss them, and I can't even look at their pictures without getting weepy.  It's been five months since we left, and it feels like an eternity!

So, here they are, our sweet kids!  Who are orphans no more, and instead are a loved daughter and son, sister and brother!

And soon, they'll be home forever!  I'm leaving in...

Eeek!!!  So, back to packing, cleaning, painting furniture, rearranging bedrooms (again), and maybe sleeping somewhere in between!