Friday, March 15, 2013

A BIG Update!!!

I meant to come back sooner and share about our court date, but things have been busy!

Our attorney went to court for us on Friday, March 1, and on Monday, March 4, we heard that all went well, and we were now parents of FIVE!

We were told that, as long as the court decree was signed on time (there is a 7-day appeal period), we'd travel on March 23 and pick up the kids!  And finally, on Tuesday, March 12, I was able to share the good news... and PICTURES!  We've waited 14 months to share pictures, to respect our agencies' wishes, and now, the kids are ours and we're free to share them!

Also, in huge news, we hosted a "thank you" lunch at church, in appreciation for everyone who prayed for us and gave to us, either monetarily or with items to sell/auction to raise money.  After the lunch, we had a dessert auction, and raised the rest of the money we needed to travel!  We raised $1,081 after all was said and done!

So now, I'm leaving in EIGHT DAYS, and I'll have both kids back in my arms in just TEN DAYS!!!  I miss them, and I can't even look at their pictures without getting weepy.  It's been five months since we left, and it feels like an eternity!

So, here they are, our sweet kids!  Who are orphans no more, and instead are a loved daughter and son, sister and brother!

And soon, they'll be home forever!  I'm leaving in...

Eeek!!!  So, back to packing, cleaning, painting furniture, rearranging bedrooms (again), and maybe sleeping somewhere in between!