Thursday, February 21, 2013

We Have... A Court Date!!!

This morning (here... it was evening there), the Minister signed off on our paperwork.

She signed off on everything, and assigned our case to a judge.

The judge has already assigned a court date.

March First.  Eight days from now.

We have an estimated travel date of March 23 (to arrive there on March 24).

Which means....


I am not the bunny-who-lays-eggs type person, but Easter is still my favorite holiday.

It's the day we, as Christians, celebrate OUR adoption into God's family!

I cannot think of a better first holiday to celebrate with my kids!

(I also can't wait to show them to you!  And I can, just as soon as we have the court decree.  So, a couple more weeks.)

Thank you all for helping us to come so far in our process, we are almost at the finish line!!!!!

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  1. Wonderful news!!! And I totally am seeing this post after you wrote me (Joy Belle) on FB. Exciting, exciting and I agree - what better holiday than this?! It's perfect!!!