Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tile Update

I just wrapped up a facebook auction, with 58 items totalling $750 in high bids!  Now that donations for the winning bids are coming in, we're back to clearing these tiles!


We FINALLY have our first two winners!!!  Traci and Kacey, you've each won a $10 Amazon gift card, as a thank you for helping us to reach our final fundraising goal!

That means there are eleven prizes left!

Here are the updated Prize Reveal Tiles for Tory and Denny, so get your tiles before all the prizes are gone!

I'm going to be very busy, mailing auction items next week, so I know I'll forget to mention the beautiful necklaces Kristin at 2:12 Designs is selling to benefit our adoption.  For every necklace purchased, you can uncover a tile for YOUR chance at a "thank you" prize!

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