Friday, March 22, 2013

Ready... Set...

I've had a running to-do list this week, with things ranging from "pay utilities" to "measure bed for mdf/boards", trying to get everything ready before I leave.

My time is winding down, and nearly everything I can do before leaving tomorrow is done, with only a few things still straggling.  The caretaker gifts are purchased and waiting to go into my mom's luggage Saturday morning, along with sippy cups, toys, my Ergo carrier, and a few other things that just. won't. fit. in my bag.  (Hey, you try fitting anything else in the bag full of clothes and shoes for three people for a week!)

I'm off to the store now, to get groceries for Scott and the kids for next week, and pick up the last couple of things for the trip, like Carnation Instant Breakfast for Denny, since he still takes pureed food from a bottle, and go and buy that sheet of mdf for Sadie's bed.  And then it'll just be down time here, until tomorrow!  TOMORROW!!!

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