Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank You Is Not Enough

There have been several times during our adoption where I tried to find something more eloquent to say than a simple 'thank you.'  Today is one of those days.

Yesterday, we had our first holiday after meeting the kids, after they became real, more than a picture.  While I was busy making food and spending time with several of our closest family friends, there was little time to think about missing them.  I noticed their absence in the little things; as we set up chairs at the kids' table, I told my friend, Jessica, that we'd need two more seats next year.  One of our friends asked at lunch, "What is it going to take to get them here?"

Last night, when the house was quiet and the dishes were done, I felt just how strongly my heart is aching to have them here with me.  It's so strange, a new feeling I've never experienced, to have my heart ache this way.

I smelled Denny the other night.  I was looking through pictures of our time with him, and I smelled his little scent, not freshly bathed, but also not too long past a bath.  Just his sweet scent.

I can still hear Tory's voice, remember how her chubby little fingers felt in my hand.

And I want them home.

And today, we made a big stride closer to them.  No, the paperwork we've been waiting on for over a month still isn't here.  But a dear couple came to our house this afternoon, and gave us a gift.  This couple has poured into our adoption again and again, and a simple 'thank you' does not do our gratitude justice. 

You know who you are, and you are such a blessing!  When our thanks don't seem enough, please know that you are such an encouragement to us in your selfless obedience.  I pray that more and more, our hearts are stretched like yours, and that we can be as much a blessing to others as you have been to us and to others in our community.

For those of you adopting or feeling pulled, we had no idea when we started where our funding would come from, or how it would come.  We praise GOD for every dollar that we've been able to pay, because it hasn't been from us.  I am continually amazed by how and who God moves, and I assure you, you will be amazed as well!

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