Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Timeline Update

I was very quiet these past few weeks, with the exception of my last post about our paperwork delay.  It was a huge weight off to share that burden with you, and the response from so many that we were being covered in prayer was such a blessing to my heavy heart.

Well, everyone, prayer works!  On Friday, I had a frantic message from our state-side agency that our paperwork was in their office, and they didn't realize it, and they were busting tail to get everything done and out the door.

That evening, they emailed the two packets to me for review and then get our signatures on.  Then we sent the paperwork, and our USCIS 2nd Child fees ($720) overnight to their office.  Our paperwork arrived and left their hands yesterday, and I am begging for your prayers for fast approval of our USCIS paperwork.  The approvals are typically coming in around 30 days, which means our paperwork should be approved right after the first of the year.

Thinking about our timeline now, here's where we stand:

USCIS approval: ~30 days (Jan. 3)

Article 5/Visa Interview: ~2 weeks (Jan. 17)

MOJ Signature to be assigned a Judge: ~3 weeks (Feb. 7)

Assigned Judge to set court date: ~3 weeks (Feb. 28)

Pick-up after court: ~3 weeks (March 21)

I don't know how the short winter shutdown, judge vacations, and agency schedules will affect this timeline, but I will be continually praying for favor with the USCIS agent, embassy, Minister, and Judge so we can return quickly, and I am begging for you to pray with me.

Oh, and thank you for continually sowing into our adoption.  If you peek at our "Priceless" page, you'll see that we're over $35,000 in, and under $7,000 to go!  All our agency fees are paid, so we're down to plane tickets, in-country expenses, and visa fees!


  1. I have been following your blog & your story is inspiring... I am trying to move forward myself into adoption and was wondering if I could email you some questions I have... I could potentially be headed to the same 'area' so to speak. Thank you Brooke

    1. Brooke,
      I would love to answer whatever questions you have and see you on your way to adopting! My email address is scottandchandres at gmail dot com, so ask away! Thanks for following along with our family!