Thursday, August 22, 2013

Words that Matter

A few days ago, we invited our social worker into our home, and she was able to meet Viktorya and Denny.  (She's Viktorya now, in case you're wondering.  She made the name change from Viki to Viktorya last week.  It's also easier for her to say, since Viki comes out 'ih-ti' and Viktorya comes out 'ih-torya'.)

We had a great visit, we just sat and talked about the kids, about our adjustment, the ups, the downs, the  thousands of twenty-something trips to the pediatrician, cardiologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, labs for bloodwork, and beginning evaluations for therapy, and referrals for genetics.

She toured the kids' rooms, interacted with Denny, tried to interact with Viktorya, and 2.5 hours later, was heading home.  Today, our post-placement report came, and it reads differently than our life feels.  I mean, everything in the report is accurate, it's just different.  In the end, the words that matter most, out of the three pages detailing each child, are the words, "It is this agency's assessment that this is an excellent placement for (Viktorya/Denny)."  

Those are the words that matter.  On the tough days, it's easy to forget to stop and thank God for blessing our family with these two kids.  But every day, they are a blessing.  In the middle of a kicking, screaming tantrum, I'm reminded that I do the same thing.  Maybe not physically, but emotionally, spiritually, I can throw just as big a tantrum as Viktorya.  On the days when Denny acts as if he doesn't have any idea that we've ever used sign language, or that he mastered "eat" weeks ago, and I gently put my hand over his to help him, I see how patient God is with me.  


  1. Amen, Chandres! What a great perspective. I am so thankful that God is patient with us...I need His patience to come through me to my children.

    1. Our YG discussion of David's response to Nathan's telling of the rich man and poor man reminds me of how I interact with my kids. They disobey, I respond to that disobedience, and it's a very sore reminder of my disobedience. BUT, God shows me grace, and it's a very good reminder to do the same with my kids. I'm nowhere near getting it right, I have to apologize a lot, and that's okay. You're a great dad, Tim.