Saturday, September 7, 2013

Party Time!

If our kids' birthdays fall during the week, we have a family meal, and then invite friends over for a small party over the weekend. Viki lucked out, and got to celebrate two days in a row!

As she saw me decorating this morning, she got more and more excited, realizing the party from last night wasn't over!  We went back to the cake shop to pick up her cupcakes, then came home and set everything out on the table, 11 red and white swirled cupcakes with a silver tapered candle in each one, and silver platters with dress-up accessories overflowing.

I had the camera ready, got lots of pictures of her blowing out the candles, lots of pictures of her opening gifts from her friends, and went to load them so I could share them.  Well, guess who forgot to put the memory card in the camera?  Yep, me!  Well, here's a picture I took before the party...

And here's a picture of one of the leftover cupcakes...

So, I'm the mom who messed up the party pictures, but I didn't mess up the birthday.  She knows she's loved, and she's had fun.  And we'll leave the decorations up for a few days.  I love seeing the dining room like this!

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