Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming Soon: Another Giveaway!

I don't post about money on this blog very often, for several reasons.  First, there are many families fundraising who have needed money urgently, and it was hard for me to push for our adoption when our need wasn't urgent.

Second, God has provided exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed it, and I try and pay attention to when I feel led to write about money and when I'm hearing the whipser of "Just leave it alone, be still."  So, when I feel the "be still" whisper, I do my best to do just that.

Recently, I felt I should be still on fundraising, and now, it's starting to sink in that we need another Three. Thousand. Dollars.  Not to finish, but by the time we go on our first trip, which could be as early as a month from now. 

We got the green light on another vacation giveaway, which is exciting!  And since we're bringing home TWO  kids, we'll have TWO vacations up for grabs!  As soon as I figure out how it's going to work, I'll make another blog post but, for now, that's your teaser!

Our grant button is hanging out on the right side of the blog, so if you want to help chisel at that $3,000 mountain, we'd appreciate every single cent!  And if you donate now, and forward your receipt to me, I'll make sure you're entered in the giveaway when I get it started!

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