Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still Fundraising!!!

I'm still standing in awe of God's perfect timing of our current funding, and the jaw-dropping gift of $3,000, and I wanted to write a post about our upcoming needs.  Not from the standpoint of doubt, but from one of information, and especially because this need is time-sensitive and explains why I can't stop fundraising right now.

Counting our $3,000 gift, we'll have roughly $2,400 in our fund when we come home.  When we come home, our agency will be waiting on a package from our kids' country, so they can file our I-800 with USCIS (2nd stage immigration paperwork).  As soon as that package arrives, approximately 2 weeks after we come home from this trip, our final foreign fees will be due.  Some of our fees are due in euros, so this is a very close estimate. 

  $4100 - "Katrin's" fees
    4000 - "Denny's" fees
      900 - Post-Adoption Reporting Service fees
      500 - Report Deposit (refundable after 3 years)
      720 - USCIS fees (2nd unrelated child)
-   2400 - In our fund
  $7820 - Due about two weeks post-visit

I thought we would have more time to fundraise for these final fees, but we don't.  The timeline I originally read said we'd pay after we officially accept the referral for the children; then I read a timeline that said we'd pay when we received a court date.  The second timeline was for non-Hague cases, so my first information was correct.  We're looking at the end of October.

We've applied for grants, and have heard "no" from one and nothing from the others yet.  We're trusting in God's perfect provision, and we have had every penny as we've needed it thus far.  It's a big, scary number, but it means we'll have only a tiny bit left to raise for the final trip once it's paid. 

We're never sure from where the money will come, but it always does.  We don't know if it will come from a grant, or from a fundraiser, or as a large gift.  We don't know if we'll have it ahead of time or at the very last minute.  But we know it will be there.

In the meantime, our giveaway is still running, and we'll draw the second vacation winner on 10/15.  If we hit (or exceed) our goal of $2,500, we'll draw a winner for a $100 Amazon gift card, just in time for you to start Christmas shopping!  (Our current giveaway amount raised is $1,432!)

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