Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Letter to You... Yes, You!

Dear (Your Name Here),

Our adoption process began in January.  Maybe you've been part of our story since the beginning, been part of our lives for years.  Or maybe you've only recently been introduced to us, or only know us as my profile picture on facebook.  Either way, this letter is for you.

We would not have spent a wonderful week in our kids' country without everything you have done for us.  I mean it.  I think back over the past several months, and I cannot even wrap my mind around how we have gotten to this point.  You entered giveaways, bid on auction items, ran a 5k, played in a soccer tournament.  You bought a t-shirt, a book, cleaning supplies, purses.  You emptied your basements into my van for a yard sale.  You gave us amazing items for giveaways (still grieving not being able to enter my own Chick-fil-A giveaway), crocheted hats and made jewelry.  You made $5 donations, $100 donations, and even $1,000+ donations.

And most importantly, more than the money and the participation in our endless fundraising efforts, you've been excited for us.  You've asked about where we are in our process, when the kids will be home.  You've congratulated us on every small milestone, and listened when I groaned again over how endless this process is.  (Sometimes, you've even told me to put on my big girl panties, and I needed that, too.)  And you really just don't know how important it is to know that we're supported, that our children are loved.

We're coming home now, after meeting two children God has made a place for in our family.  Our daughter and son.  A sister and brother.

We're not finished yet.  We still have more time, more paperwork, more financial mountains to climb.  But you have brought us this far, and we wanted to thank each of you for that. 

We love you, and are so incredibly blessed that you have chosen to be a part of our adoption story.

Scott and Chandres

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