Friday, October 19, 2012

A Recap of Our Trip: Visit 3

We drove up to the orphanage, and were stopped by two cars half-blocking the road, and a woman wagging her finger at our driver/translator.  We were told that a helicopter was passing over the trees next to the road, to spray chemicals, and that we couldn't drive on the road, and needed to park on the road that forked off of the road we were taking.

Somehow a difference of 100 ft. in where we drove and parked made a big difference, and we were okay to walk down the road to the orphanage, but told not to breathe in what the helicopter dropped if it passed again.  Reassuring, really.

We arrived to find Denny sitting on a big rocking fish in the large playroom, and I scooped him up immediately.  He definitely remembered us from the day before.  We were asked to move to the next room, which was much smaller, but we were able to focus solely on Denny.  We had little room to move, but we walked back and forth down a small hall that was part of this room connecting to the large playroom.  He was uninterested in the toys, unless one was in your hand, then he was interested long enough to toss it aside and take your hand.

After about an hour in the small room, the six or so other littles came filing out with the caretakers, and we were able to go in and work with Denny with a little more elbow room.  His physical therapist came in again, and we started with our questions while she showed us that she can't get him to walk down the therapy stairs, because he doesn't realize that he needs to bend one knee while stepping down with the other.

This became my goal for our time with Denny.  As much as I just wanted to sit and snuggle with this little guy, he's really ready to be mobile, and I had five hours (over the last 3 visits) left to work with him.  I was determined to get him to walk down the stairs before our visits were over.  Going up was no big deal, but he stood, stuck at the edge of the stairs going down.  He was eating up the praise, at least!

The therapist moved Denny to the ball pit, and that morning, he just did not want to be there.  He quickly got frustrated, and began to cry.  Immediately I had him back in my arms, but he went from frustrated to inconsolable very quickly.  A glance at the clock showed that he was right at lunch and naptime, so we needed to leave.  I hated to leave him crying, but knew he was with the one woman who shows him love, so it made it easier.

We walked back to the car by way of a trail on the back of the orphanage that lead down to the other road.  We saw old orchards and gardens, with rusted gates leading in, but no home remained.  We saw old cars and beautiful views.  My love for this country grew by the day.

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