Friday, January 11, 2013

Funding and Fundraising... ALMOST DONE!

Scott and I came home from our trip to meet the kids, and got down to business talking about the rest of our funding.  We knew his employer offers a bit of reimbursement for adoption expenses (though we're not sure if it's $2,000 or $5,000, and if that's total or per child... so we're looking at anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 being reimbursed, which is amazing!), so we decided to take out a loan to cover the biggest chunk of the remainder of our expenses.

Prior to travel, we had put in about $5,000 of personal money and raised somewhere in the ballpark of $20,000.  We came home and got the loan, then paid another $12,000 in expenses, and continued to fundraise.  We have somewhere around $1,500 in our Reece's Rainbow grant (the amount listed there includes what we had transferred to us before we traveled to meet the kids, and does *not* yet show a check that was mailed in... a HUGE gift of $1,000), and a little bit left from our loan. 

Here's what we have covered:

$3,000 - Two round-trip plane tickets
$   500 - Reimbursement to our agency for covering Tory's diabetes supplies
$   500 - Various in-country expenses (driver, gas, medicals, diapers, etc.)
$   460 - Visas for the kids
Here's what we still need:

$2,000 - Two one-way plane tickets
$   680 - 8 nights x $85 in our apartment
$   320 - 8 days x $40 in food expenses

I won't know an exact cost for the plane tickets until we know when we're traveling, but everything is a fairly close estimate.  I keep thinking about how much money we have left to raise, and I realize that we're $39,000 down (including the loan) and $3,500 left to go, and that over $20,000 has not come from us, but from others who have sown into our adoption.

I don't know how to raise this last bit, because I've sold everything I can sell in the auctions, and my last few giveaways have not done well.  I talked with a friend about doing an online adoption shower, so that may be our way to go for this last bit. 

Three months, three thousand dollars.  God's got this.  And...


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