Thursday, January 17, 2013

Working out the Details

I posted on facebook that I was out of fundraising ideas.  We've done vacation giveaways, YMCA membership, free Chick-fil-A for a year, an indoor "yard" sale, a soccer/5k fundraiser, another giveaway, handmade dolls, two facebook auctions, a quarter auction, and selling on eBay and Amazon.  Did I forget anything?!

It's been twelve months TO THE DAY since we sent in paperwork to commit to our girl, and I've barely stopped fundraising the entire time.  Friends of ours, as well as people we don't know, have been so generous with donating their talents, their unused items, their money, and I'm overwhelmed when I think back on the support we've received this past year.

Since I hit "post" on my facebook status, I've been overwhelmed with support and ideas for fundraisers, so I'm working out the details on that right now.  Let's just say that I believe we have one more facebook auction coming, and some items for direct purchase.  I can't thank you all enough for continuing to pour into us and our adoption when my faith falters and I feel like this is NEVER. GOING. TO. END.

I know you all want to see our girl, and our boy, and I'm working out some details on how to help you all do just that!  In the meantime, know that every penny you sow into our adoption is going to help bring this ponytail...

and this spike...

... home to our family!

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