Saturday, March 22, 2014

Project Mode

I won't say that the paperwork for a subsequent adoption is easier, but it's definitely more efficient, knowing which pieces take longer to come back, and therefore, which items to work on first.

One of the first things we mailed off was our FBI checks, because those take 8-12 weeks to come back.  By the time we have our I-800a packet mailed off, after finishing our home study, we should receive the FBI clearances, and that will be the last piece of our dossier, next to the I-800a approval letter.

Speaking of home studies, we're waiting for one last piece, and it will be finished!  We're done (for now, at least) with trips to the doctor, bloodwork, autobiographies, and -thisclose- to being done with our education (for our placing agency requirements, not for our home study).

When I'm not working on adoption paperwork and I have some time to myself, I'm in DIY mode.  I've just painted our new-to-us headboard in CeCe Caldwell's "Seattle Mist" chalk paint, which I love against the curtains I made for our bedroom last year.

I started working on our kitchen backsplash last month, and now half of the tile is up, I have lots more pieces of tile to cut, and plenty of grouting to do.  It certainly would've been faster to pay Lowe's to install, but there's something so rewarding in looking at a finished project, knowing you did it all by yourself.

Plenty to keep me busy and to keep my mind off of waiting on paperwork.  Thankfully I have all the supplies for my projects on hand, because my "fun money" is now all earmarked for the adoption!

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