Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last Call for Entries!

We began our vacation giveaway on January 17, and we began our YMCA giveaway on January 26.  We are just TWO DAYS away from closing both ChipIns, and the winners will be drawn ON VALENTINE'S DAY!

As of this post, there are 1,004 entries into the Pigeon Forge, TN vacation, and there are 457 entries into the YMCA One-Year Membership giveaway!

We are SO EXCITED to make two people happy on Valentine's Day, and I'm so glad that I'm not responsible for drawing the winner!  The entries are listed on spreadsheets in order of donation received, and will be choosing the winners (just making sure everything is fair!).

So, here's the last call for entries, along with a reminder about what's up for grabs! (And I even figured out how to make a slideshow!  Look under the ChipIn!)

Six Nights in Pigeon Forge, TN
3 bedroom, 4 bathroom cabin, Sleeps 8
10 Minutes from everything in Pigeon Forge

$10 donation = 3 entries
$20 donation = 8 entries
$50 donation = 20 entries
$100 donation = 50 entries

One-Year Membership to the Martinsville/Collinsville, VA  YMCA
Two facilities for the price of one!
Indoor/Outdoor Pools

$5 donation = 3 entries
$10 donation = 7 entries
$20 donation = 20 entries

Time's almost up for you to win BIG!

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