Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Update on the Bicycle!

I'm sure some of you read my A Place at Our Table post about our new friend in Africa, a pastor with only his feet for reaching the people in his community.  Well, at long last, God has answered his prayers for a bicycle!

I read something recently, though I cannot seem to find it again, that the timing of God answering our prayers is not solely for our benefit in having them answered, but also for the benefit of the ones who are used to answer the prayers.

My friend has prayed a long time to have a bicycle to more easily travel to those who need to hear about Christ, and he had to wait until we heard his story at a VBS program, for our hearts to be burdened for his need.

We are so incredibly thankful that we had the opportunity to open our wallets, stretch our hearts, and be a vessel to answer a prayer!  I've had several people ask if we'd heard from the pastor since he received his bicycle, and I am happy to say YES!  We email daily, and I cry at the wonderful things he shares about what that bicycle and cart are doing in his village and in the compounds, where the very poor live.

Even more have asked me if I've seen him with the bicycle, and I'm happy to say that I have several pictures of his family, and this one is my favorite!

What a beautiful family! 

As much as I love seeing his children climbing into the cart, I especially love the mental image I have of the children in the compounds, waiting on an anthill for him to come riding the bike with the cart to visit with them!  He shares about Jesus, and takes them for a ride in the cart!  There are around 30 children he's been able to minister to this past week!

I hope to have more updates on Christopher, his ministry, and the needs in his area, especially in the very poor compounds farther from town.

***While we purchased this bicycle and cart specifically for Christopher, ZAMBIKES has a ministry of their own, where donations are received through their company, and bicycles, carts, and even ambulance carts are given to people in Zambia.  See how you can help, and learn more about this wonderful company!***

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