Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quenching the Spirit

Over the past week, I have to believe that the Holy Spirit has been whispering to my heart.  I have no other way to explain these four things, all separate from each other, and all the same.

First, my pastor's sermon last week was on Quenching the Holy Spirit, and how we, as human as we are, have the ability to limit what the Holy Spirit can do through us.  Is that not amazing?!  We can limit God.  The Creator of the universe can be held back my me, and what I'll allow Him to do through me.

Second, I'm in a very short 3-week study with a group of women on "The Prayer of Relinquishment," an article written in 1960 by a woman who realized she needed to give up control over specific things in her life in order for God to work in those areas. 

Third, my new friend in Africa, the pastor with a bike on the way, posted on facebook on Friday (with his donated cell phone to keep in contact with his "family" here in the US).  His words were: "We quench the Holy Spirit by refusing His authority over us.  In other words, by choosing not to yield to Him.  He therefore retreats His activity and fullness in us, sometimes even to the point that we may not sense His presence."

Last, my very good friend, Mandy, wrote this just now:  "There are no limits on what God can do, except for the ones we ourselves create. Don't put yourself in God's way. Allow Him to accomplish His good and perfect will in your life. He won't force you, you have to let him." 

Whoa.  I don't even have anything more to add, I just need to chew on all this, pray about all this.  Good Sunday morning, I'm off to church!

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  1. I almost didn't share that post this morning. Look what you may have missed, had I quenched the Spirit. He prompted me to share and obviously it was meant for you (and for me).