Thursday, August 9, 2012

I-800A Approval!!!

I'm having a hard time focusing today, because the first email I saw in my inbox was from "NBC Hague" and it was a message from our officer, saying that our I-800A was approved!!!!  Once it comes in the mail, I'll send it off to be apostilled, and it will go into our dossier, which will be ready to mail!

(For other paper-pregnant people interested, we mailed our application on July 12, the check cleared the bank on July 19, we received our biometric notice on July 28 (appt. date was for August 7), we walked in early on July 31, and I called just this Monday to see if we'd been assigned an officer, and we hadn't.  Three days shy of one month for USCIS!)

I keep going over my dossier checklist, making sure I've got all my ducks in a row.  I've got a stack of documents out for apostille, and that leaves only one document for the dossier that I need to take care of, and I'm waiting on our foreign agency to send that document for us to have notarized and apostilled.

The MOJ (Ministry of Justice) in our kiddos' country is shut down until mid-September, so that means if we mail our dossier out in two weeks (accounting for apostille times), it will be translated and waiting to be submitted the day the MOJ reopens!  I'm sticking with my late October guess for travel, and we need $3,448 to do that, not counting the current facebook auction that's running through August 18, which has just passed $400 in bids!

Okay, I'm off to try to be productive today, but all I can think of is "We're I-800A approved!!!!"

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