Friday, August 24, 2012

"Dossier En Route"

In the middle of all the papaer-chasing, I've had the labels "Homestudy In Progress", "Compiling Dossier", and "USCIS Approved" on our Reece's Rainbow grant page.  While I am excited about having the label "Already Home", I'll settle for "Dossier En Route"!

Yep, after 7 months, the stack of paper affectionately known as "the baby" is heading across the ocean, where it will wait with other dossiers to be reviewed by the Ministry of Justice.  We are praying for the minister to be very swift with the pen, signing for us to be allowed to travel to meet our children!

Here I am, with one of the fantastic women at the agency, passing off the baby!  (I'm on the right, in case you have no idea what I look like.)

I am so, so relieved to have those documents out of my hands, knowing that puts us so, so much closer to our kids!  But at the same time, there is so much money invested in those documents, so much time spent working on that 2-inch thick stack of paperwork.  And it's no longer filed in my accordion file, no longer safe in my home.  It's crossing an ocean very soon, and you'd better believe I'm praying for it to arrive safely!

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