Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Morning Update 5.14.12

I had one of those really-busy-but-feel-like-I-accomplished-nothing sort of weeks last week.  So busy that I realized I haven't blogged AT ALL since my last Monday Morning Update (which -ahem- wasn't posted until Tuesday).  Terrible blogging etiquette, really. Well, here's the update!

M:  Finished the first of several dolls that I'll be auctioning off, and set up a facebook auction to find Miss Abigail a new home.

T:  I made a trip back to Joann's, to get supplies for more dolls!  They can't all be redheads, right?  The doll auction got off to a great start, with several bids coming in very quickly, and more people asking if there would be more dolls to bid on in the future.  Our family grant jumped nearly $300 in one day, putting us at over $1000 in our grant!

R:  Our family's grant took another jump up by $100.  If I knew who all these donors were, I'd hug each one, and I'm not a hugger!  (Donations made to our grant are anonymous.)

F:  The doll auction ended at 8:00 p.m., with a final bid of $100.  Lucky me, Miss Abigail is staying right here in my little city!  Maybe I'll see her from time to time!

Sa:  We temporarily have custody of a beautiful golden retriever, while my dad is fishing at the coast with my grandfather.  Our Tamaskan, Nya, loves having a new friend to play with, but goodness, she won't let poor Timber rest for a minute!

Su:  This Mother's Day was very much about reflection on my three beautiful children here with me, and the two children who still wait for us.  I prayed for their birth mothers, who must be grieving today, thinking about the child they no longer have.  We can judge and have our ideas about what we would do in a similar situation, but I am truly thankful to these women who gave *my* children life.  

My second doll, Bailee, with her hand-stitched blue eyes and blonde hair, is now up on the facebook auction, which will run through Friday, May 18 at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

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