Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Update 5.21.12

I feel like the weeks are going quickly, even though not much is happening with the adoption right now.  I'll be back to paperchasing soon, but for now, these dolls are keeping me busy!

R:  This was my birthday, and my only wish was to be able to spend our daughter's birthday with her.  We're praying for paperwork to move quickly so that we can be in her country this fall, to celebrate her 10th birthday.

F:  I spoke with our social worker about finishing up our homestudy, and due to some medical information in Cullen's file, she did not feel comfortable approving us to adopt him.  I cried for several hours that night, even though I respect and understand her decision. We're waiting on two pieces of paper (one for each of us from the same place), and we'll be finished with the homestudy!

Sa:  When our family deals with "stuff", we go to the mountains.  There's nothing like zero cell phone signals and hidden waterfalls on a trail to give us a chance to talk without interruption.  Okay, there were still 3 kids, so there were plenty of interruptions, but you get my point.  We're okay.  We're just going to put all our effort into bringing our daughter home, and follow wherever God leads us. 

Su:  I went to Tonya's house to work on Cooper, and I have to say that crafting with friends is SO MUCH FUN!  We were so productive, even though it was late. 

With our adoption going from two children to one (we're not actively looking for a second child now), I recalculated our estimated expenses at just over $28,000, though I'm guessing it could go up a little, since I don't have any apostille fees, medical fees, etc. factored in.  We're thinking $30,000.  We've raised (or contributed ourselves) $15,567.  So, at this point, we have passed the halfway mark, in only four months!  Only through God, not through anything Scott or I have done!

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