Friday, May 25, 2012

Under Construction! (Part 1)

No, not my blog... my house!  This is way, way off-topic, but it goes back to what this blog was originally about... my upcycles and home projects!  And it gets my mind off of how sloooow this process feels right now.

Scott's parents are fantastic grandparents (read:  they spoil my kids a LOT), and I begged them not to buy Sadie a ton of toys (we have too many) or clothes (we have a lot passed down to us) for Christmas.  When asked what they should get her, I responded, "How about a wall and a door?"

Huh?  Well, we had two bedrooms and an office upstairs, our bedroom on the main floor, and another bedroom downstairs.  We just didn't feel comfortable letting any of our kids sleep in the bedroom downstairs, because it's so far away from everyone else. So, our solution was to move the office downstairs and turn the office into a bedroom.  Except... we need a wall.  And a door.

So, Miss Sadie received an I.O.U. for a wall and a door for her bedroom and now it's time for construction!  We were originally planning for Scott and his dad to do the work, but we ended up asking two men from my step-dad's crew to do the job (speed and experience, both pluses).  One day, and voila!

That's all for now, because I have a lot of cleaning to do before I can start on the fun stuff!  Scott's off for the holiday weekend, and by Monday evening, he'll be begging to go back to work!


  1. Awesome! We have some construction to do too but haven't gotten past the wiring because of funds. Someday... :)

    1. Thankfully we had *no* wiring to deal with. Scott could do it, but it's nice not have to. Getting to move Sadie's stuff to her new room means that there's plenty of space in Ayden's room for "Katrin"! Hopefully you can finish your work soon!