Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Five-to-Twelve Kind Of Guy

I was the Children's Ministry Intern for my church one summer, and the day before my internship was over, I still didn't have another job lined up.  There was a sweet woman who volunteered at the church, making copies, getting things ready for Sunday School classes.  She came into the Children's Minister's office, where she heard me talking about not knowing where I'd work after the summer ended.

What she said to me then didn't seem big, but it has stuck with me all these years, and has been my motto during times of waiting.  She told me, "Honey, God's a five-to-twelve kind of guy."  When I gave her a confused look, she told me that He comes in at the last minute, just before the clock strikes midnight, so we'll be sure to give Him the glory.  The next day, which was my last day at the church, I received a great job offer. 

This Tuesday, we'll take our first formal step into adoption, and it's really making me nervous that tomorrow is a holiday.  We need things notarized, we need important answers from people who won't be at work tomorrow because it's a holiday.  So, I get to wait until five to twelve, when God shows up.  Because this is His time, not mine.

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