Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sadie is On Board!

Ayden and Elijah are way, way on board with this adoption.  It's evident from the two HUGE piles of toys that I need to price for a local consignment sale coming in March, from the change that keeps appearing in our jar, from the things they say.  As Ayden was going through her Barbie containers, she said "Mommy, I'll sell all of my toys if it means [my sister] can come home!"  Elijah even got out all the puzzles he's outgrown, including the ten or so Thomas puzzles, and added them to the consignment pile.  Sadie's so young, we just tell her she's getting another big sister, show her the photos, and leave it at that.

Last week I picked up a print of one of the photos we got from the agency and put it in a frame.  It took Ayden only seconds to spot it the following morning; she was literally halfway down the stairs after waking up and spotted the photo in the dining room.  "Look what I see!" 

I had a friend over for coffee one morning this week, and as soon as she walked through the door, Sadie grabbed the photo and took it to my friend to show it off, happily squealing "Baby, baby!"  Apparently Sadie is on board, too!

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