Thursday, January 26, 2012

More to Give! Two Fundraisers at Once!

Yesterday on facebook, I wrote "To say I am blessed is such an understatement. I love my community, my church, and I have the privilege of going through life with some of the most incredible women I've ever known!"

Today, I stand firm by that statement!  We have more to give, thanks to some pretty incredible people!  We are giving away a One-Year Membership to the Martinsville and Collinsville, VA YMCA (about $400!).  On top of that, we have an anonymous donor who will MATCH any donations received for this giveaway!  Make sure you use the second ChipIn for this giveaway!

So, two giveaways, one great purpose!  All the money from the giveaways will go toward the big ticker, which is tracking all donations received, through the ChipIn, cash, and checks. 

Take a peek at the prize!

Both facilities offer weight and Nautilus rooms, and gymnasiums.  The Martinsville branch has an indoor pool and indoor track, and the Collinsville branch has an outdoor pool and outdoor track.  There is something there for everyone, and they're open 7 days a week!

Here's how to enter:
Just click on the ChipIn to enter online, or leave a comment if you'd like to mail in/hand deliver your entry, and I'll email you!

$5 = 3 entries
$10 = 7 entries
$20 = 20 entries

The more you give, the better your chances of winning!  You can also get 1 entry per day for sharing on facebook, so post here when you share!  Remember, all donations to this giveaway will be MATCHED, so your donation doubles!!!  
Donations received by February 13 will be entered in the giveaway, and we'll draw the winner on Valentine's Day!

This fundraiser is not tax-deductible, as we will personally receive all contributions and apply them to our agency fees.


  1. donated - If I win can I give it to someone local? Florida long way to drive for a swim LOL

    1. :) You can absolutely give it to someone local! Thank you again for your donation!