Thursday, January 19, 2012

Status, and Transparency

We sent our documents to the placing agency (again), who will be sending them to the foreign agency (again).  As long as there are no errors on the paperwork, we'll get the originals apostilled, and send them to the country!

I spoke to the homestudy agency at the beginning of the week to see when we needed to begin that part of our process.  During the conversation, I asked if there would be any issues with us adopting out of birth order; they said they do everything on a case-by-case basis, and that they would hold a special committee meeting to decide if they would work with us.  Well, we heard back today, and they felt we did our research and took our biological children's development, needs, etc. into consideration when we made the decision, so they'll work with us!

After reading a friend's blog post about the need for financial transparency when fundraising for an adoption, I quickly realized that we need an easy way to keep personal and fundraising money separate.  We're going to add all fundraising proceeds to a savings account specifically for our adoption, and any checks that need to be written will be certified and written directly to the recipient (agencies, FBI, etc.).  So, unless you hand us cash, we'll never touch the money, and even that will go straight to the savings account.

Speaking of fundraising, our BIG Vacation Giveaway is running through February 13, and will choose the winner on Valentine's Day!  So check out this post to see how it works, and click on the ChipIn at the top of the page to enter!

A HUGE Thank You! to everyone who has already donated, shared, and sent words of encouragement!


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