Friday, June 29, 2012

A Girl and a Bear

There's a story my children have always asked to have read to them.  For years, it's been one of their favorites, and just the other night, Elijah requested it again.  Ayden read it to him, happy to enjoy the sweet story once again.

It's one many of you moms will know, but I'll summarize it anyway.

There was a little teddy bear, Corduroy, who lived in a department store.  He waited with all the other dolls and toys to be chosen and taken home, but no one ever chose him.

One morning a little girl, Lisa, saw this bear, and knew he was the one she had always wanted.  Her mother commented that he looked old and was missing a button, and they left the store.  Corduroy was sad, but had a grand adventure looking for his missing button that night.

When Corduroy woke the next morning, still without a button, still looking old, there was the face of the little girl who loved him, despite his faults, his "defects".  She had returned with all the money from her piggy bank to give Corduroy a home.  Lisa left the store, carrying Corduroy in her arms.  Back in Lisa's room, Corduroy looked around and said, "This must be home.  I know I've always wanted a home!"

This week, my doll is in honor of Lisa, the little girl who loved her bear just as he was.  It's in honor of all the moms and dads who are working so hard to bring their own Corduroys home, emptying their piggy banks, loving their sweeties regardless of their DNA or physical capabilities.

Meet Lisa, with Corduroy (book not included... my children would cry):

Bidding for Lisa and Corduroy is now open on the facebook auction page, and will run until Wednesday evening, at 8:00 EDT.

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