Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Morning Update 6.25.12

Last week is sort of a blur... it's funny how time can feel like it's moving so slowly, and yet I look back and wonder where the week, or month, or even the year has gone.

And because I didn't do the best job of Monday Morning Updating last week, the big news from the week before is that I read and made my changes to our homestudy draft!  This was after I sent over some MORE last-minute required paperwork, like life insurance policies, health insurance coverage information, and updated salary information. 

Now that that's out of the way, here's last week's happenings!

M: I took the big kids to the doctor to get their TB test results signed, and forwarded the clearances to our social worker.  And I harassed called Sadie's allergist again to find out if she could have the TB test.

T: Still waiting to hear from the allergist.....

W: We went on a 9-mile hike in the Grayson Highlands of Virginia, to the highest point in the state, at Mt. Rogers.  This is an annual tradition for our family, but we missed the rhododendron blooming this year.  Still a gorgeous hike, where we could see God's creativity displayed for miles and miles!

R: Spoke with the allergist, and she said Sadie should be fine to have the TB test, so we popped in to the walk-in clinic and 3 nurses came in, prepared to hold a screaming toddler down.  Sadie just lay there, smiling at everyone, not making a peep, and the nurses were shocked!

F: Listed the newest doll, Gigi, with her own little doll, Gemma.  I changed the auctions to start on Fridays, since the Reece's Rainbow blog features families who are fundraising each Friday.  The auction will end on Wednesday, so you can follow the link to the Doll Adoption Auction.

Sa:  Popped into the walk-in clinic for Sadie's TB test to be signed, and then headed out of town on a day trip to visit Scott's family.  We are FINALLY done paper-chasing for our homestudy!!! (Which means we can focus completely on paper-chasing for our dossier.)

Well, that's last week!  Onward we go!

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