Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Morning Update 6.4.12

M:  Daisy was the doll of the week, and she became very popular, very quickly!

T:  We had our in-home visit with our social worker, and it went really well!  Chemicals are locked up, smoke detectors are working, we have screens in the windows, and the kids (who got their own interviews) understand what it means to adopt and what it means to have Down syndrome.

Our FBI prints arrived in the mail!  Thanks to some wonderful advice from the experts who have gone before us, we'll be mailing our documents to a courier, who will take our letters to the Dept. of State to have them apostilled.  (We could mail them to the Dept. of State and wait 8 weeks for them to come back, or we could drive to Washington D.C. in the middle of the night to get there when the doors open at 7:30 a.m., or we could send them to the courier, who arrives at the Dept. of State at 5:30 a.m. to make sure they're apostilled the same day!)

F:  It was a busy day in the Pickett house!  It takes a bit of preparation to be ready to welcome a family of 9 into your home for the night, so the kids helped me with changing and washing sheets, and Ayden even mopped the floor while Sadie had speech therapy and I had a progress evaluation with the coordinator.

I had an interview with our local Boys & Girls Club teens, who are following the beginning of our adoption and the end of the Rhodes' adoption.  The video they're putting together should be finished this coming week, and I'm really excited to see how it turns out!

The Rogers family arrived that evening!  I'm fairly certain that Scott was expecting mass chaos with 14 people under one roof, but we had a great time!  Mel and Erika did a Norwex show, demonstrating some amazing eco- and kid-friendly cleaning products, and around $175 from the show will be going to our adoption fund!  As much fun as I had playing with my goodies this past week, I can't wait until I have the rest of my stuff!  Hosting has many, many perks!  (Oh, and Mel, thanks for my Sharpie-free dining table and my clean oven!)

Oh, and Daisy is the second doll heading out-of-state, and she sold for $60!

Sa:  This was a day we've been waiting for!  Mandy Rhodes was flying back from picking up Joseph and Samuel, and there was quite a crowd ready to welcome them!  Praise God for setting the lonely in their family, and for their obedience!  What a beautiful family!

If you haven't heard of 'Fifty Envelopes', there's a tab at the top of the page that describes it.  Envelope #1 is DONE!!!  Thank you Shelby, for filling an envelope to help with our adoption expenses!  (Ahem... look at the ticker, we are almost 1/3 to our next funding goal!!!)

Su:  It was back to work, getting ready for the next doll auction, on the new facebook page!  This one was designed by a young lady, and made with help from her mom.  She is appropriately named Emma.  Sweet, isn't she?

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