Monday, July 23, 2012

And More Progress!

I called Scott today to pass along some GREAT news!  Our USCIS receipt came in the mail today!  I'm praying that means we'll have our biometrics appointment letter in the mail within the next two weeks.

Scott's first question to me after I told him this letter came was, "Are we going to be traveling while I'm supposed to be in Arizona?"

Before you think he's more concerned about a work conference than our adoption, you should know that, historically, his business trip dates usually cause some major conflict or crisis.  And he asked me over and over again if I thought it would be okay for him to book a work conference for the end of September, because he knows how true my previous statement is.

He left for a business trip on June 22, 2010.  I suggested that he and a co-worker drive separately, because I was 33 weeks pregnant and had been having contractions for the past 11 weeks and was already on restriction.  But no, they left together, heading only about 5 hours away.  That night, as I was chatting on the phone with a friend, my water broke.  So, Scott's co-worker started driving back toward home, while his dad started driving to meet them.  It was a little hectic figuring out the plan for getting me to the hospital and getting someone to watch the kids, but he made it home with 3 days to spare before Sadie made her appearance.

None of the other trips were quite as eventful, but having to break into my home on the day he leaves isn't unheard of (that's happened twice).  So it only makes sense that he's been so worried about booking this conference trip.

Of course, I still don't think there's going to be a conflict, but I'm praying that almost as soon as he's home from the conference, it'll be time to get on another plane and head to meet our two kids.

Getting our travel dates means we'll need another $4,000 to book our hotel and flights, and be able to eat on the trip.  If we fill one ENVELOPE a week, we'll have the remainder of what we need for our first trip in just 10 weeks.  All donations can be tax-deductible, if donated to our family's grant through Reece's Rainbow.

Will you please pray about whether God would have you sow seed into our adoption?  We are getting closer each day to traveling to meet Katrin and Denny, and them being "orphans no more."

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