Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Update 7.9.12

M: I heard from our placing agency that we got a response from our kiddos' country that they wanted our application done differently.  Hmmm... you know that little voice that says "Go ahead and do two sets of paperwork, one worded this way, one worded that way, and have them both notarized, just in case?"  No?  Never heard that little voice?  I did, and I listened, and I scanned and emailed over the other paperwork right away!  That saved me another day of paper-chasing!

T: I called our homestudy agency to find out where in paperland our written homestudy is so I can submit everything to USCIS already!!!

W: Our family went to a cookout with several other families, including the Rogers family!  If you don't know, they're leaving VERY SOON to rescue two more children from life in an institution!  They're still not fully funded, so please consider donating to their grant!

R: The homestudy is done, signatures and notarizations are done, and it's IN THE MAIL!!!

F:  Ivan is the newest doll up for auction, and if you can't tell, Elijah picked out the fabric!  I tried something new... breaking away from the pattern!  It took a little work, but Ivan is the first boy with shorts instead of overalls!  Of course, I love the overalls, but they just weren't working with these fabrics.  Whatcha think?

That's it for last week, I think.  I'm not sure where the time is going, but it's flying right now!

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