Monday, July 16, 2012

A *BIG* Miscalculation!!!

You know when you reconcile your bank account and you realize there's extra money in the account because you made a simple miscalculation?  And how it feels like you've just given yourself a great gift?

Well, I didn't find extra money, but I made a BIG miscalculation in what we need now!

When I read our fee schedule, for some reason, I thought our next fees were due when we got our official referral (which means travel dates!), and our last fees were due when we came home from the first trip.  I was wrong!!!  Our next fees are due just as I thought, when we get our official referral, but our last fees are not due until we have a court date.  That gives us a few extra months to raise the last fees!!!

The ticker on the right side of the blog shows the correct amount we need by our first trip, and we are just over $4,000 away from that goal!

(Of course, our last fees did not disappear, so we still need just shy of $19,000 to finish the adoption: $4,019 by our first trip, $9,070 by our notification of receiving a court date, and $5,830 by our pick-up trip.)

I am praising God for His perfect provision and timing, because those few extra months to fundraise are such a blessing!

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