Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning Update 7.2.12

Last week was very exciting!  In case you missed all the exciting news (and because you probably don't know all the stuff that led up to the exciting news), here's a recap of last week!

M: Our foreign agency was contacted to get a fee agreement and commitment paperwork set up for adding Denny to our adoption, and we waited to hear back from them after they secured his file with his country.

T:  Still waiting, and stressing over what amount we would hear back, and sending emails to the ladies at Reece's Rainbow to let them know that we were preparing to commit.

W:  Our homestudy was revised by the homestudy agency, and then it was off to our placing agency!

R:  We filled out commitment paperwork, and wired the first installment of Denny's foreign fees.  I updated our "Priceless" page with all our new payments, and updated the ticker for what we still need by this fall, when we travel.

F:  I got an email that our commitment paperwork had been submitted to Denny's country!  And that afternoon, I got to make the best announcement!  That Denny is going to be a Pickett!!!

I also started the next doll auction, inspired by one of my kids' favorite books, Corduroy.  Little Lisa and her bear are off to a great start in the auction!

And that was our week in a nutshell!  Happy Monday!!!

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