Thursday, April 5, 2012

28-Hour Challenge!!!

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be harassing everyone about MY fundraisers, MY needs.  But when someone who is so close to the end of this journey is given a wonderful gift that would get them financially TO the end, I can't push my giveaway.  I have to push for them instead.

Mandy, with sweet Joseph

Everyone knows and loves Mandy.  A faithful daughter of God, a wonderful wife, mother, and friend.  An advocate for her children waiting in Eastern Europe, an advocate for other adoptive families, and other waiting children.  What I love most about Mandy is that she is a "Yes" woman.  When God says to go, she goes.

Just a short while ago, she was being shown that she needed to give up the idea that she was David, fighting her Goliath (a.k.a. adoption funds), and gave that giant over to God to defeat instead.  At the time, she had an $8,000 giant, so giving it up wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do.

Within days, she started receiving money.  God was melting that mountain, and we laughed that He was showing off.  She just had to recalculate her expenses, since airfare has gone up so much, and she is now $1,280 from being fully funded.

Fully funded.  Two of the sweetest words adoptive families could ever hear.  And two more sweet words are "matching challenge."  And that is exactly what Mandy heard yesterday.  She was offered a $500 match, with only ONE DAY to pull it off.  From 8:00 EST today to MIDNIGHT EST TOMORROW.

That's 10 people giving $50, 20 people giving $25, or 50 people giving $10.  What can you give?  For one day, you can double your money, and make a real difference in the lives of two little boys who are on their way home within WEEKS.  That $500 will become $1,000, and put Mandy just $280 away from the Fully Funded status.

And if you don't know what happens when she hits that, some lovely women in PA have donated a massage to Mandy, so she can take care of herself after taking care of so many others.  Let's get her there!  Click HERE to donate to the Rhodes family's FSP for them to get the match.  And let's go past $500, all the way to $780, so they'll be FULLY FUNDED.

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