Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Morning Update 4.23.12

Last week was rather slow, but it meant I got to catch up on housework and schoolwork after a busy week getting ready for the Playing Them Home event!

M:  I made the deposits from the Playing Them Home event, and that added $710 to our adoption fund!

W:  My friend, Kate, hosted an Arbonne event for the adoption, and she stopped by with the check for our percentage earned, and just over $100 was added to our adoption fund!

R:  We were supposed to meet with our homestudy social worker, but with both of us heading out of town, we decided to move our meeting.  We'll have back-to-back meetings to finish our homestudy in early May.  We spent the rest of the week in Tennessee, working on my mom and step-dad's vacation rentals.  (I take care of the bookings/cleaning schedules for the homes, and I needed to do some shopping for the homes, as well as take new photos for their listings!)

F:  We hit $1,000 in sales on the Thirty-One party, which means we got 25% of sales ($250), plus a match of $250 from an anonymous donor, which was only available if we hit $1,000!  This has been quite a good week for our adoption fund!

Su:  Two friends of mine, Kristin and Stephanie, hosted a combo Scentsy/Pampered Chef fundraising event for the adoption!  And if you missed (or were too far away from) the party, you can buy online!  You can order your Pampered Chef HERE and your Scentsy HERE.  10% of all Pampered Chef orders and 25% of all Scentsy orders will go to our adoption fund!  (Just make sure you mention that your order is for the Pickett family adoption!) 

In case you weren't adding, I was able to deposit over $800 into our adoption account last week, and there's another $500 heading there soon!  Woohoo!  Will you please pray for the $2,200 we still need quickly to cover ALL of Cullen's agency fees?  We're praying to have that money by the end of the month, through our Two Times the Love Giveaway!


  1. YES! YES! YES!! Happy tears in my eyes for you!! Gods gonna bring the rest, I just know it!! I will keep praying!!

    1. Thank you for praying!!! It's definitely working, and I hope to see some of the other people on our prayer list updating that their mountains are melting!

  2. That is awesome! Before you know it, you'll be on a plane :)

    1. Oh, how I'm praying for our time to travel! We're praying for early September, to spend our daughter's 10th birthday with her!