Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Morning Update 4.16.12

M: I mailed in our fingerprints for the homestudy, and they should be back within 4 weeks, right around the time we expect to wrap up the homestudy and move to the next stage.

T:  Because two sets of fingerprints are better than one, I mailed in a second set to the FBI for our dossier.  These are different, in that the FBI will authenticate the results of this criminal check, and the Dept. of State will need to apostille the authentication.  We're praying to have the letters in less than 8 weeks, so I can carry them to D.C. to be apostilled while I'm there for a trip. 

R:  I picked up our team t-shirts, and Caren at Freedom Prints did a fantastic job!  My kids wore their shirts for the rest of the day! The race bibs came in, so I spent the evening matching shirts to bib numbers and sorting shirts for the soccer game.

F:  I met Traci at the sports complex to make sure we have a plan for everything for our Playing Them Home event on Sunday.

Sa:  We had Mandy Rhodes' "Gotcha Shower" and our friend, Brooke, put so much love into planning the beautiful event.  She had a Reece's Rainbow theme, including fruit kebabs and rainbow cupcakes!  Mandy's boys' closet should be packed full of everything they'll need for a while after they come home, and there were a few gift cards for things they'll need later!

I got to meet the Rogers family, who are blessed with 7 children in their home, and another 2 coming soon (Bernadette and Mason)!  Erika and Mel, we would love to have you in Martinsville again, your family is just beautiful!  I got to meet another adoptive mommy that day, too!

Su:  I had the privilege of speaking at church, announcing the adoption of Samuel Dimitar Rhodes and Joseph Ivaylo Rhodes into the Rhodes family, and telling our story.  I was so nervous about speaking, but all that nervousness was gone after I began speaking, looking out at familiar faces, and seeing all the Team VikTory t-shirts!

After speaking, I went straight to the Smith River Sports Complex to begin setting up for Playing Them Home, the 5k and soccer tournament we held with the Morton family.  We had a great turnout, more than I expected for our first year, and I got to meet another adoptive mom, Tara Sartain, adopting 15 year old Rachel!  In case you missed the announcement, the event brought in a total of $1,000!  Even.  How cool is that?! 

Well, that's last week in a nutshell!  It was a crazy, fun week!


  1. I found your blog from Reese's Rainbow, and was intrigued because you are from Martinsville, VA. I have family from there, and always remember visiting when I was little. It's been a while since I was there...but it makes me smile thinking about it. I'll be praying for your family as you embark on the awesome journey of adoption. My husband and I arrived home in February with our 4-year-old daughter from Russia. Ask any questions, I'd love to help in any way I can!! (Funding ideas, travel, etc)

  2. You are so amazing,you're whole family is and I will be praying.Sorry I didn't get to her you speak. God Bless!

    Robin Peters