Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Morning Update 4.9.12

M:  Our Thirty-One Online Party is OPEN!  Order through my event by April 15, and 20% of your total purchase will be given to our adoption fund!  And just in April, spend $31, and choose any purse at 50% off!

T:  Our 'Two Times the Love' Giveaway is OPEN!  Ten prizes for the ChipIn, plus a bonus prize for donors to our FSP, and we're raising the money to add Cullen to our adoption!

W:  Fingerprints are done!  And thanks to technology, we didn't even have inky fingers!  The kids were with us, so Scott and I took turns going back to the holding room.  Ayden and Elijah GRILLED me on what was through those doors, and wouldn't let up until I told them that, yes, I saw a criminal back there.

R:  We had our first homestudy meeting with our social worker.  It was so much more relaxed than I had imagined, though it was still intimidating having someone question our decision.  (It's her job, though, so I don't fault her a bit, and she was really positive through the whole meeting.)

Sa: We went to the sports complex to make sure we had our 5K route down... it's going to be a great run!  We came home to discover that my dad had brought more hand-crafted walking sticks for us to sell to raise money for the adoption!  I sold 5 within hours of posting this photo on facebook:

Su:  We celebrated Christ's resurrection, gave thanks for our adoption into God's family, for the incredible sacrifice He was, and for our undeserved redemption.

This week I'm focusing on pulling together the rest of our paperwork for the homestudy, and beginning to look at the rest of the dossier check list.  I want to always be ready for the next step in the process!  And looking forward to getting everything ready for the Soccer Tournament and 5K!

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