Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Now Interrupt This Blogging...

...for a quick trip to Tennessee.  As much as I would like to say we're going on a nice vacation, our trips to Tennessee are a mixture of business and pleasure. 

I manage the bookings for my mom and step-dad's vacation rentals in Pigeon Forge, and it's time for new photos for the online listings, and making sure everything is ready for a year of rentals.  There will be a good deal of shopping to do, for new dishes to replace broken ones, new small appliances, and somehow, things like pizza slicers always seem to disappear.

As much as I love shopping (and even better that it's not my money!), it's exhausting (okay, boring) for the kids.  So, their reward for surviving a weekend of Mommy working is a couple of hours at MagiQuest! 

All of this to say, I won't be in blogland as much, so I need to shout out a few reminders!

Our Two Times the Love Giveaway is still going, until the ticker is full!  Lots of great prizes, not so many entries right now.  There's a tab at the top of the page for the giveaway, so you can check out all the prizes and rules for entry!

Two of my friends are hosting a Scentsy/Pampered Chef party on Sunday evening, to benefit our adoption, so if you're in the Martinsville area, come by, and if you're not, you can still order online!  Follow THIS LINK to go to the facebook event page for all the details!

A young woman from my church, with a heart for adoption, is giving 50% of all her Mary Kay orders to our adoption fund for the next two months.  Why is she so passionate about adoption?  Because she has her own adoption story!  I need to get a direct link to her store, but if you need to order, keep me in mind!

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