Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Oh my goodness, I wish.

Just yesterday, I had a friend tell me that I'm amazing, that I should tell others how I manage to do everything that I do.  I had another friend say "Of course, if anyone could, it's you" in regards to a fundraiser I'm working on.

Oh, ladies, I wish I was really so remarkable.  As I sit here typing, I've just mopped my floor that I've neglected for several days (and white tile really canNOT be neglected without looking terrible).  I've got several stacks of paper on my dining table, all for various adoption-related tasks, and I'm one morning away from Sadie sweeping it all onto the floor and me having to re-stack and re-file everything.

There are still Easter eggs mysteriously appearing on the floor, my nightstand, and my bathroom sink.  And I'm a couple of days behind on laundry, thanks to a long weekend with Scott off work, and paper-chasing the past couple of days.

I really don't want anyone to think that I keep a spotless home 24/7 (seriously, a 15-minute warning is nice!), that I'm always crafting (I can't even muster enough desire to look on Pinterest right now), or that I keep all the plates spinning without one falling.

If I am in adoption paperwork mode, that means I am NOT in crafty creative mode, and if I am pulling together a fundraiser (or planning for Bargain Fair, or working on a Girl Scout meeting) then I am not focusing on something else.  And that yummy cake last night?  I had ZERO time to whip up a nice dessert for the League's social, so I ran to the store, bought a cake, sliced it up, and served it on a nice dish.

Some days I do feel like I've got everything running like a well-oiled machine.  And some nights I fall into bed, feeling like I've accomplished nothing.  I promise, I'm not special, remarkable, or amazing.  I'm just me, trying to juggle life, and not worrying too much if I have to drop some balls to keep the others in the air.


  1. I can so relate to that! Whenever I am accomplishing one goal, there are many other things waiting yet to be done. We are certainly human, but I bet you are still amazing in many ways! I will be praying for you and the children during the adoption process. I followed your blog so that I may keep up with it. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am really glad you found it encouraging. God bless you all!


    1. Lori, thank you so much for the prayer, it is greatly appreciated, and so needed! I've already shared your blog with another adoptive family! There's so much information there, I look forward to digging through it all!