Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thirty-One MATCH!!!

My lovely friend, Susie, who is holding an online party for Thirty-One Gifts for me, just sent me a message that 25% of all purchases will be going straight to our adoption fund! 

But she also shared that she has someone willing to MATCH her donation if we hit $1000 in sales!  That means that 50% of each order would head straight to our adoption fund!  FIFTY PERCENT!!!  

If you were on the fence about ordering before, you now have the opportunity for your purchase to go twice as far with helping us to reach our fundraising goal!  Have you seen the catalog?  There are some great items!  Here are some of my personal favorites...

This is my must-have for the summer.  It goes everywhere with me... to the pool, full of towels and snacks for the whole family, on a day trip to the zoo or mountains.  And even after all the beach towels are put away for winter, it is a great bag for stacking Christmas gifts to take to relatives' homes!

I have packed this thermal tote full of frozen groceries in the summer, used it to transport hot and cold dishes (laid on its side), and filled it with snacks and drinks for summer days at the pool or days we've got a lot of errands to run!  

This bag is small enough to carry lunch for one, and big enough to carry enough food for two!  Ayden and I recently went on a day-trip with Girl Scouts, and this bag was full of snacks, lunch, and water bottles, without taking up a lot of room in a van full of girls!

While I don't personally own this wallet, one of my friends does, and I have serious wallet envy!  She can fit EVERYTHING in there, but it's not big and bulky! 
We have been ready to leave on vacation, and I've had to tell Scott "Hang on, we can't leave yet, my flat iron is still warm."  No worries, just slip it into this sleeve and toss it in the bag!  It keeps your other items from getting hot, or um, you having to hold your flat iron while you drive down the road, waiting for it to cool.  Ahem.

So, please, please, please, if you were thinking about ordering before, make your purchase go twice as far, with HALF of your order total going to our adoption fund!  This party is only running through this weekend, so all orders will be sent directly to your home before Mother's Day!  Something for you, something for Mom!  And 50% for our kiddos waiting for us on the other side of the world!

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