Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two Times the Love Giveaway Is Open!

The "Two Times the Love" giveaway is our biggest giveaway so far, with 10 prizes up for grabs (plus a bonus prize, just for the FSP donors)!  Because posts are listed in date order, the giveaway would be buried by just a few days' posts, so I decided to make a page just for the giveaway!

We have an impressive goal of $3,575 to cover Cullen's placing agency and foreign agency fees, which will be almost the last of what we need to pay up front.  We're also saving for our post-adoption report fees ($700), USCIS fees ($890), and apostille fees (~$100). 

Once we have paid all these fees, we'll be $16,486 into the adoption, at the halfway mark!  Please pray for us and pray we'll receive the funds we need to continue moving forward.

You can go to the giveaway page here to get all the details and see all the fantastic prizes!

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